Life On Purpose

Humbled January 11, 2012

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Recently my husband was asked to be a deacon at our church. Now this role entails ministering to families at our church and supporting members in their times of need. As Lee was ordained, each deacon and pastor prayed over us. I was so humbled by the love poured out and the prayers that were said over us. How in the world do these people trust us to fill this role? We are just ordinary people who are imperfect. I am quick to believe God can make others able and equip them to do many things, but now it’s us. We’re up. Ready or not. This is where the rubber meets the road. Lord, give us the tools and the wisdom we need to serve this amazing church well. We are so unworthy of such trust, but God You are worthy of all we have and all we are. We trust You to make us able.


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