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Mission Return Home February 20, 2012

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Mission Return Home.


Mission Return Home

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A culmination of several factors has me reignited with a passion to be home with my children. Last week as I listened to Family Life Today on the Christian radio station, I was shocked by what I heard. The discussion was focused on preparing young women to boldly approach their future mate about involvement in pornography. Did you know the average age of exposure to porn for boys is 8? The question, they said, isn’t whether a young man has been exposed to pornography or not, but rather, how much. Wow. If I can be so bold, it is time for us to WAKE UP! It’s time to lay down our own dreams for the sake of reclaiming our children and raising a generation to live their lives differently.

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of joining several other women to hear a seminar about returning home and leaving the work force. Some think this is an outdated notion or an unrealistic possibility. However, many, like me, see the chance to raise up a generation of godly people who are passionately seeking God’s will and making a difference during their dot on the timeline. There is nothing in this world more valuable to me than living a life of purpose to please my Father. As a mother, I already have marching orders. Just a little time in the Word and it is clear; motherhood is a holy calling. To quote my dear friend April Scott, staying home is NOT a sacrifice, it is a calling. That’s the good stuff.

If you are already staying home, I hope and pray you are not growing weary. I pray the Father will fill you with energy, creativity and joy. If you are on a journey to return home like I am, I pray God is leading you and guiding you as you are faced with many choices and often must say no to even good things to keep your momentum and focus on returning home. If you want to return home but don’t think it’s possible, I pray the Lord will open your eyes and give you hope and faith to see that there IS a way. If you haven’t ever given it a thought, I pray that God is revealing His plan to you and that you will take time to really consider it.

Above all, I want us Christian mommies to love and support one another no matter what. We weren’t designed for independent living. We were made for fellowship and stewardship. We need each other. Life is hard enough, so let’s use our energy for building one another up!


Guilt and Priorities February 5, 2012

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I spend a lot of time feeling guilty. Not in an inherently bad way, but nonetheless guilty. I often have thoughts about all the things I will do more when my children are older. I will serve at church more, serve in the community more, spend more time with family, entertain friends more often, get another degree, and the list goes on. But why do I feel guilty? Ultimately, I have placed priority on taking are of my family and my home first, and many other things have been counted as unnecessary cost, left undone.

I think I feel guilty because I view myself so much in the light of other women and in the shadow of our family-hating culture. I’m tired of feeling this way, and I don’t think it’s how Jesus wants me to feel. It’s robbing me of true enjoyment of motherhood and my role as a Christian wife. I’m blinded by the pressure of being “perfect.”

I want my house to be spotless, my hair to be in place, the kids to be well dressed and even more well-behaved, my husband to be enamored with me, all the while juggling 36 hours of work, the endless task of motherhood and semi-taking care of myself. It’s a tall order. But is this how it is supposed to be?

It’s not overnight that I can make myself let all these things go. But daily, before the cross, I must lay them down. Ordering my day by what’s eternal is the best I can do. There are some necessary worldly things to be tended to, but the focus has to be on what God has for me to do. These children I have are the biggest legacy I can leave. They need me a lot, and God designed it that way. When I look to the world, I find guilt for spending so much energy on them. When I look to Christ, I find joy and transformation in this daily journey.