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First Steps March 10, 2012

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Since my Mission Return Home post, a lot has transpired in our lives. This last several weeks I have been challenged in my prayer life to really make a paradigm shift. And it’s kind of hard to tell God “no” when I owe him my life, so naturally, the shift is done; the new paradigm is here. I went from a mindset that maybe staying home will be possible in the next year to believing God will direct our steps on a very narrow and straight path returning home. And boy, has He delivered.

First, Lee and I took a hard look at our budget and found several ways to decrease our spending to funnel money toward paying down our debt. Next, we prayed. Then, Lee decided he is willing to sell his truck. So we bought a small, gas-saving, used-but-reliable car. And we prayed some more. Then we sold some stuff. On with more prayers, and I have been considering some sort of food business from home…as you all know I love to cook! Then I get total confirmation in a form I never expected that yes, cooking is can be a way to make money. And the praying doesn’t cease.

I expected to grieve the loss of our stuff and a lot of our income. I expected it to feel like a sacrifice. But I am so excited about finally trusting God and living out the calling in my life, that I find myself looking for more ways to save money and give God glory. And while I am still working at this point, we are living on much less than we were just a couple of months ago.

It feels so freeing. Something about rejecting the world publicly and obviously makes it so much more peaceful inside of me. Maybe it’s that I can stop expecting perfection because, that too, is the worldly standard for today’s woman. I fully expect and am waiting for others to question me and to think differently of me. And I sure hope they will ask me why in the world I would give up my career. Because I can’t help but share my story! Just as surely as I expect the questions, I expect to be a stay home mommy. It’s coming. These are my first steps. Stay tuned:)


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