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Five-one too many? January 9, 2013

Filed under: Uncategorized — zoecline @ 9:19 pm

Everywhere we go, five is just one too many family members. Restaurants are designed for the perfect four, homes are designed for the perfect four, buy one get one free is always one short of being enough for five, and vehicles for five are exponentially more expensive.

It makes me smile every time. It is the Lord reminding me daily that He knows better than this perfect four world. Because Eden (blessing # 3) is our little ray of sunshine. She’s the classic golden child. I can’t imagine life without her. There isn’t any amount of money saved, any amount of space for comfort, or any definition of normal worth having in exchange for her.

So the world might say we are too large, we don’t fit in, and we are irresponsible.

God’s Word says children are a blessing. I choose truth and thank God everyday we are five, and not four, so I can be reminded often of how sovereign He is.


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