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I hate skinny people. June 13, 2013

You have probably heard it, and you might even be the person who’s said it: “I hate skinny people.” And it’s usually preceded be some gushing compliment such as, “you look great! I wish I could look like you after three babies.” And then, the compliment is negated almost instantly as she (no I haven’t ever had a man do this to me) looks at another jealous woman and says: “I hate skinny people.”

Seems harmless, right? Wrong. Because the assumption is that I am just a mean, skinny person who somehow magically showed up skinny one day after having my third child. The truth is, I didn’t work my behind off to get your approval. I worked my behind off for this body because it is the only earthly one I get. I want to be active and enjoy my life as The Lord allows. One day I hope to chase grandchildren around and spend my days serving others instead of endless trips to the doctor and the pharmacy. Being “skinny” and feeling good in my skin is just the added bonus.

I’ve worked incredibly hard and paid careful attention to my nutrition to get where I am. If you’re interested in knowing more about fitness and nutrition, I’d love to share. I am my own personal trainer: I have not paid a penny for exercise (minus a couple of basic fitness tools like dumb bells). I’ve lost 40 pounds since having Baby 3, and I’m in the best shape of my life.

I realize that comments like this usually stem from insecurity. We all struggle with this to some degree. Know that I get it, and if you’ve ever said it to me-I forgive you! More than anything, I hope to inspire you and show you that if I can do it, you can too! So I challenge you to think about what you want to do in this short life. Get ready for my 30 day challenge coming soon-are you ready to begin the journey to a healthier, happier, fit & well life? Follow me…


2 Responses to “I hate skinny people.”

  1. Lori Henry Says:

    Zoe, I just found your blog today and have truly enjoyed reading it! Let me say that I love your “skinny” self and am proud of you for loosing the baby weight. You are a beautiful person inside and out and I am humbled and grateful to call you my friend!

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