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On GMOs… June 25, 2013

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Amazing info on GMO’s!

Lauren Minchen Nutrition

I noticed today that November is National Peanut Butter Lovers month. Now, my first thought in response to this was not, “Hmm, a whole month to use as an excuse to eat jars of peanut butter”. No. My first reaction was this: Uh-oh, GMO. That’s right. The thought of peanuts makes me think of genetically modified organisms. Why? Because peanuts are one of the new foods that are currently being tested in India for genetic modification. Currently, India is testing a GM peanut with the allergen-causing protein being repressed and resistance to fungi, insects, and other things (see GMO Compass:

Why is this bad? GMOs are food-like organisms that have been engineered genetically to mimic foods in appearance and taste, but act differently in regards to crop yield and pesticide/herbicide resistance. You will hear from most people/organizations/governing bodies that GMOs are safe, but what some other healthcare professionals and…

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