Life On Purpose

Day 15 : Pay Now or Pay Later July 10, 2013

Take hold of the present. It is a gift. In my profession I’ve seen countless unsuspecting individuals suffer strokes, heart attacks and dramatic, dangerous, and sudden recognition of diabetes. We are no longer surprised by these things, but we should be! it is concerning to me the young ages at which people experience such health issues. Their effects last a lifetime. If survived, these things lead to a life of what you can and can’t do and what you can and can’t eat and pills that must be consumed. In fact, its statistically likely that you either have a family member or friend/acquaintance in this very predicament.

What you eat and how you live greatly determines your risk for chronic disease. What you do now determines your future quality of life. It is never too late to begin your life-changing journey to wellness!

Let us translate this to dollars. I’m going to be transparent so you can see how this really looks:

We used to spend $400 per month on groceries to feed a family of 4 (two small children). We now spend $550 per month on groceries to feed a family of 5 (3 small children/including one bottomless pit!). That’s reality. We made our health and wellness a higher priority. So what’s the alternative?

The average heart attack costs $1 million for one person. Swallow this: the average after-insurance-out-of-pocket cost of diabetes ( not counting any other care) per year per person is $7,900!!! That is $658 dollars out of pocket every month just for diabetes care alone.

I’m not trying to scare you as much as open your eyes. It is a MYTH that you can’t afford to eat healthy. The truth is: you cannot afford NOT to eat healthy. It is well worth the sacrifice.

Can you eat out less? Have a movie night at home instead of going to the theater? Get unlimited Netflix and turn off the satellite? Cancel that magazine subscription you never have time to read anyway? You weigh the cost and then decide what it will take. Do the best you can with what you have. If you just CAN’T up your grocery budget, figure out how you can buy more wisely with the money you have. Get active. Drink water. Get sunshine, and keep changing the little things you can! Next time you get a raise, why not use that money to invest in your health?

My challenge today is this: count the cost. The cost of eating well now versus the cost of a lifetime of disease…what’s your choice?



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